Team Fox Detroit

Supporting a cause

Team Fox Detroit is a grassroots organization supporting The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. They needed a new website that is event-focused and made selling products to support The MJFF easy.

What We Did
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Site Migration, Web Design, Infrastructure Buildout
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Team Fox Detroit

Strategy starts with uncovering the problem

Our strategy was to find the missing pieces of information, causing TFD’s problems by focusing on the people using their website. We knew their website was not performing well and did not meet TFD’s needs. But, we wanted to have data that illustrated why.

The data came from conducting user-tests, a competitive analysis, and stakeholder interviews. One key finding was that users were more interested in attending TFD’s events than anything else. Yet, they were uncertain when the events occurred and how to confirm attendance. This finding was a clear sign for us to focus on satisfying the basic needs of the users.

We then took the data we found and created a website design that met their user’s goals. That simple. Focusing on the user resulted in achieving TFD’s goals. Meaning, satisfying the user = satisfying the client.

The challenges of meeting all needs

The Smart Rabbit team sat down with CEO Donna Rajkovic at Team Fox Detroit to discover what their team is looking to achieve with a website redesign. During sit-downs with potential clients, Smart Rabbit’s primary goal is to figure out if we are the right fit to meet our client’s goals. In this case, we were.

We learned their old website did not function well, had poor user experience, and did not meet their capability needs. They had low engagement, was not driving traffic, and did not receive a lot of donations. TFD throws many events and has a small online store that helps raise awareness for Parkinson’s disease. Which means their organization needs a website that can organize events and add new content and products efficiently.

The big challenge was moving their website to a platform that supports the entirety of their needs. While creating an experience that makes it easy for people to navigate, and interact with, the website.

Team Fox Detroit