Millenium MRI

Millenium MRI

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Millennium MRI has business spread all over the United States, had a limited budget, and had never done Google Ads before. They knew this project would be a challenge and best handled by being transparent and result-driven.

Conversions per month
Increase in conversions

Creating a 3 month trial period

Our strategy for Millenium MRI was to create a three month trial period where we would determine the long-term viability of PPC advertising for their business based on whether or not we could sell enough MRI’s to self-sustain the account budget (approximately four conversions per month).

Our first step was to rank their four locations from highest to lowest based on search volume in order to focus our budget to the locations most likely to convert. We built four identical campaigns targeted at a 15 mile radius around each of the four MRI locations – two of which were in Arkansas and two in Florida. We quickly discovered that search volume in Arkansas was significantly lower than the Florida locations – one of which had a monthly search volume larger than the other three locations combined.

After just the first month, we surpassed initial expectations to simply generate enough conversions to self-sustain the account budget and more than doubled our target of four conversions, Month-by-month we optimized and refined these campaigns to now yield an average of more than 30 conversions per month. Through this trial period, we not only proved that PPC advertising is a viable marketing touch-point for Millenium MRI, but we’ve created a robust intakes system that bridges the gap between those who generate the leads and those who process them.

Campaigns across multiple states with no prior data

When Smart Rabbit was approached by CEO Mish Jaksic to redesign the Millenium MRI website, we quickly recognized that they did not have enough resources to commit to a large-scale redesign. During our discussions, however, we saw that the paid search competition in the outpatient MRI industry was substantial. We outlined a maximum monthly budget that could be committed to these campaigns and set feasible expectations simply to see if we could generate enough conversions to pay for the monthly budget given the fact that Millenium MRI had never ran a PPC campaign before.

The challenge was straightforward: build a revenue-positive PPC campaign across multiple states with different search volumes and no prior account data.

What We Did
Ad Campaigns, Landing Pages
Google Ads, Bing Ads