Rudoi Law

Ads during a pandemic

Rudoi Law is in a competitive market with a limited budget - this is a recipe for a low return on investment. They were tired of empty promises from past agencies and needed a change. Our goal for the project was to restructure Rudoi Law's Google Ads account to remain profitable amidst a global pandemic.

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Ad Campaigns, Landing Pages
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Google Ads, Unbounce
Increase in qualified leads
Increase in click-through rate
Decrease in overall cost per click
Rudoi Law

Targeting valuable practice areas

Our strategy for Rudoi Law was to target practice areas that still brought valuable cases to the firm but could be completed on a remote basis given the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through discussions with the managing partner we learned which practice areas brought the most valuable cases, which courts were preferred, and what cases could be handled predominantly on a remote basis.

Given the budget restraints we settled on five target areas that satisfied these criteria. These new target areas contained keywords that were not previously used and therefore had no prior data for guidance.

When building the ad groups we drew from what we learned in discussing Rudoi Law’s most ideal cases in combination with practice area related terms.

We looked at historical search term data and discovered that broad and phrase match keywords without a robust list of negative keywords were the culprits for vague search terms and out of market leads.

To solve this we made an extensive negative keyword list and opted for modified broad and phrase match keywords that would require daily manual analysis to guarantee search term relevance. We avoided algorithmic bidding or any sort of bid adjustment that would drive up the cost per click.

Navigating a limited budget during a pandemic

Rudoi Law is a criminal defense firm in a competitive urban area with a limited advertising budget. Their previous Google Ads account did not effectively guide users through the conversion funnel via landing pages and had no conversion tracking.

Without conversion tracking we couldn’t fully measure the success of their previous campaigns and determine their most successful areas. Their ads attracted large volumes of impressions but saw very low clicks and conversions.

Their previous account generated leads that were mostly not in-market and used vague or partially relevant keywords that did not indicate an interest in legal services. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic affected their most lucrative practice areas and resulted in an overall reduction in case sign-ups.

Our last digital marketer said the level of performance Smart Rabbit achieved was impossible. Lawyers would absolutely kill for these numbers.

David Rudoi
Managing Partner