How to improve a law firm landing page: 5 helpful tips

How to improve a law firm landing page: 5 helpful tips

Landing pages are crucial for generating business online. We have five recommendations for how you can create an effective landing page for your law firm's website.

Key takeaways

Landing pages are crucial in converting through a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. Most law firms make the same costly mistakes with their landing pages, making their digital ads less effective. In this article, we address the question of how to improve a law firm landing page to get better results.

Improving a law firm landing page starts with these 5 best practices:

  • Less is more
  • Make your primary buttons pop
  • Address common user concerns
  • Have a clear call-to-action
  • Lose the popups

Less is more

Numerous studies have found it takes about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for users to form an opinion about your site, which determines whether they’ll leave or stay. We’ve all clicked into a page with big walls of text and decided that it wasn’t worth our time. The less you put on the page, the more focused your page will be in directing the user to take action.

Too often, law firms direct their users to a practice area page instead of building out unique landing pages. The problem with this strategy is that practice area pages inform the user – not immediately convert them. A page created to convert prospects needs to quickly instill a sense of confidence and not distract from the calls to action.

Here’s an example of minimal, effective information:

screenshot of an effective landing page

Here’s an example of too much information:

screenshot of an non-effective landing page

Make your primary button pop

Making sure your primary call-to-action button stands out from the rest of the page takes advantage of basic human psychology. It’s called the Von Restorff Effect, also known as the Isolation Effect, predicting that the object that differs from the rest is most likely to be remembered.

If most of your landing page is blue, try using a complementary color like orange. By doing this, you will draw more attention to what you want your prospects to take action on.

Here’s a good example of buttons that pop:

screenshot of a landing page with good buttons

Here’s an example with buttons that don’t pop:

screenshot of a landing page with bad buttons

Address common interests

Ask yourself:

  • How can we build a sense of confidence with potential clients?
  • What would best address common questions before they’re even asked?

If your firm has hundreds of reviews, 5-star ratings, a 99% case success rate, or don’t charge fees unless your client wins, let them know.

Here’s an example that addresses interests:

screenshot of a landing page that addresses questions

Here’s an example that doesn’t address common questions:

screenshot of a landing page that doesn't address questions

Have a clear call-to-action

The best way to overwhelm a user is to draw attention to multiple calls to action on a landing page. Give us a call, submit this form, chat with this robot, and send us an email. It’s overkill.

Secondary options can exist without distracting from the primary one. Decide which action your firm is best capable of responding to and build around it.

If your contact form is front and center, make sure your “call us” button is strategically in the corner of the page. These options should not be as prominent or distracting but are there for those who need a little flexibility.

Here’s an example of a call-to-action that stands out:

Screenshot of a landing page with a good call-to-action

Here’s an example of a call-to-action that doesn’t stand out:

Screenshot of a landing page with a bad call-to-action

Lose the popups

Popups are a distraction and serve as an unnecessary interruption in making a good first impression. Most popups appear at the wrong time, interrupt users during critical tasks, use poor language, and disorient users.

Even chat popups found in the corner of the landing page can be distracting. This feature can be helpful in other areas of your website but can overwhelm a landing page.

Here’s an example with a helpful, non-intrusive chat:

Good popup example

Here’s an example with distracting chat popups:

landing page with too much clutter

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