Buckfire Law Firm

Buckfire Law Firm

A personal injury firm

Buckfire Law is competing against firms with more than double their budget in one of the most expensive markets - it can feel like an impossible challenge. However, we drastically increased conversion volume while driving down cost.

Increase in Google Ads conversions
Increase in Bing Ads conversions

"We're very pleased with the services provided by the Smart Rabbit team. They're tenacious, ambitious and always looking for ways to improve our campaigns. The legal industry can be extremely competitive, and - fortunately - Smart Rabbit helps make sure we're always one step ahead of our competition."

James Schmehl, Director of Business Development

Staying sober, removing algorithms

Our strategy for Buckfire Law was to be sober about the amount money we could spend compared to our competition and ultimately find a way to get better conversions at a lower price.

We restructured their Google and Bing Ads accounts by analyzing historical ad, keyword, and practice area performance. We built upon existing campaigns and diversified their accounts with new practice area campaigns competing firms were not bidding on.

We removed algorithmic and device-specific bid adjustments that were driving up the cost of every click. We removed long-tail keywords in favor for shorter versions that were less expensive but did not reduce search term relevance.

Then, we created three device-specific versions of each campaign with shorter ad copy for mobile and tablet  for a significantly improved bid and budget management.

Stiff competition in the marketplace

Buckfire Law is one of several small personal injury firms in a marketplace dominated by three large firms. These firms focus on traditional marketing channels such as TV and radio and as a result have exceptionally strong brand authority in search.

They have worked with PPC agencies in the past, and have managed their accounts in-house, but have struggled with maximizing their return on investment given the expensive nature of personal injury keywords.

Maintaining a high conversion volume for a lower price point is critical, but they can’t match the ad spend of their immediate competition and require a diversified and focused PPC portfolio.

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