Should you use your law firm's homepage as a landing page for digital ads?

Should you use your law firm's homepage as a landing page for digital ads?

A lot of law firms use their homepage for digital ads. We recommend you don't use your homepage for advertising. However, there are some exceptions when using your homepage would be okay.

No. Don't do that. Do not use your website's homepage as the landing page for your digital advertisements. 

To be clear, the term "landing pages" is a fancy way of saying "pages designed to convert an audience from a marketing campaign." Most law firm homepages we see are not designed to convert a campaign audience. 

However, some websites are designed to convert a specific audience, allowing their homepage or product page to be a useful landing page for their digital marketing efforts.

In a Smart Rabbit survey, 80% of law firms in the Seattle area use their homepage as a landing page for their Google Ads campaigns. Of that 80%, 10% had a whole site designed to convert visitors. Basic math says there are still about 70% of law firms using their homepage as a landing page. 

A poor landing page will cost you money.

If you're looking to save time and money on creating digital ads, then it would be wise to invest in crafting a well-designed landing page.

You might think using your homepage as a landing page will save time and money, but taking this shortcut can end up costing more money than it would be to design a landing page. 

For example, inconsistent messaging between your homepage and digital ad, and even lack of strategy around content placement, can hurt ad results. If your ad says, "Free Consultation," but your homepage's primary heading says, "Welcome to our website," visitors who clicked on your ad might be confused and leave.

Average conversion rates in law are already meager, and clicks can be expensive. Put in the time to create a landing page that supports your selling point or offer, and you'll save money in the long hall.

What does a well-designed landing page look like?

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