How to write the best Google Ad copy for Law Firms

A guide on good Google Ad copy and how to write it.

Written by
Daniel Rajkovic

What is good Google Ad copy?

Good Google Ad copy drives high volumes of relevant clicks. Google Ads are disguised as organic results, and Google favors results that provide the most value to a user's query. The most valuable result is the one that offers a solution to the user's needs.

Good Google Ad copy provides a solution to the user's need while showing a competitive advantage. For example, when a user searches "best car accident lawyer near me" the ad needs to show:

  • We are a car accident lawyer.
  • We are in your area.
  • We are a good choice.
  • This is how you can contact us.

How do I write good Google Ad copy?

The best way to write good Google Ad copy is to speak to the user's needs in the least amount of words possible. Keeping things simple and focusing on those needs gets more clicks:

The average click-through rate (CTR) for the Legal category is 2.93% on the Google search network. The average conversion rate for the Legal category is 6.98% on the Google search network.

A search isn't in-depth: it's a quick visual scan. The goal is to capture that click as fast as possible, which requires the user to identify all of their needs in the ad copy within seconds because half of Google searchers click on a result within 9 seconds of searching.

How do I avoid writing bad Google Ad copy?

Google overwhelms users with too many options in the ad editor and most people try to use every section and the maximum character limit. This is a huge mistake that gets fewer clicks. Resist the need to use every option, keep things simple, and focus on the user's needs.

The biggest mistake with ad copy is to write beyond the scope of these needs. When you write outside of that scope, your ads read less like an organic result and more like a sales pitch and you've ruined the disguise.

The most common way to make this mistake is to get lost in describing "why we are a good choice." The user's needs are the most important thing. Save "why our firm is awesome" for the sales call, and save your catchy slogan for other types of advertising.

For example, certain awards are well-known to law firms but not to clients. Clients may be impressed seeing awards all over your office, but on Google saying you're a "Super Lawyer" is less important than saying you have a 5-star rating.

So, when it comes to ad copy:

  • Disguise ads as organic results.
  • Prioritize the needs of the user.
  • Don't oversell.
  • Be concise.