The best Google Ads clicks for Law Firms

The best clicks on Google Ads and how to get them.

Written by
Daniel Rajkovic

What are the best google ads clicks for law firms?

The best clicks on Google Ads for Law Firms come from search terms that express a need for legal services and a readiness to take action.  These terms have the highest chance of resulting in a case sign-up because the user is at the bottom stage of the sales funnel:

Why are bottom-funnel terms the best?

Since clicks are paid, the goal is to increase the chance that a click will return the investment. Search terms that show a user is ready to take action have the highest chance of resulting in a sale. These terms show that the user knows exactly what they are looking for and is ready to contact someone.

Bottom-funnel search terms are terms like:

  • "Call Detroit car accident lawyer"
  • "Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer free consultation"
  • "Best personal injury lawyer near me"

Legal services are one of the most expensive industries on Google and Bing.  A click on either type of term is going to be expensive, and depending on your account settings, a click on a top-funnel term can be more expensive than a bottom-funnel term.

You don't know if a click is valuable until the user contacts you. No matter what search terms they use, you don't know the user's situation until you talk to them which takes time and effort. You reduce wasted time and effort by targeting the most relevant clicks with the highest chance of a lead being ready and able to turn into a case sign-up.

Why are top-funnel terms worse?

Top-funnel search terms show that the user needs more information before taking action. These clicks can still result in sales, but the chance is significantly lower than bottom-funnel terms.

Top-funnel search terms are terms like:

  • "How much does a personal injury lawyer cost"
  • "How long does it take to settle a car accident injury"
  • "What is medical malpractice"

Our target is a user ready to take action because we are paying for their click. Digital marketing like content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media marketing (SMM) are better options for getting clicks on these terms and guiding a user further down the funnel.

How do I get the best Google Ads clicks for Law Firms?

To get the best clicks, avoid serving your ad on top-funnel and out-of-market search terms. Avoiding bad campaign settings and using a strong list of negative keywords is the best way to serve your ads on the best search terms.

Negative keywords are a way to block your ads from being shown on bad search terms. Keywords that show a lack of action should be set as negative.

Some examples are:

  • Cost/price
  • Directory
  • Example/examples
  • How to/how much/how long
  • Image/images
  • Resume
  • Salary

The combination of settings impacts the cost-per-click and is a result of the core strategy at every level of the campaign. Better clicks can be less expensive with the right strategy. Strategies that use a lot of automated settings and bid adjustments generate mostly bad clicks at a high cost.

These strategies use settings like:

  • Maximize Clicks
  • Maximize Conversions
  • Maximize Conversion Value
  • Target CPA
  • Target ROAS
  • Target Impression Share
  • Broad-match keywords
  • Device bid adjustments
  • Display network
  • Low negative keywords
  • Smart campaigns

Strategies that use device-targeted search campaigns, manual settings, and strong negative keywords generate better clicks at a higher volume and a lower cost.

These strategies use settings like:

  • Enhanced CPC
  • Manual CPC
  • Device-targeted campaigns
  • Exact-match keywords
  • No marketing objective selected
  • Phrase-match keywords
  • Search network campaigns
  • Strong negative keywords

Even if you are using the best settings you still have to get a user to click your ad. Getting a high click-through rate boils down to using good settings and writing good ad copy.

So when it comes to getting the best clicks:

  • Understand the sales funnel and why the bottom is the best for Google Ads.
  • Know what search terms are "bottom-funnel."
  • Make a strong list of negative keywords that would be used on search terms with a low chance of converting.
  • Avoid using automated settings and bid adjustments.