Marijuana Licensing Attorneys

A new site

First impressions are essential in the digital landscape. Marijuana Licensing Attorneys knew that and needed help creating one. Before we came in to help, they didn't have a website or any content describing themselves.

What We Did
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Web Design, CMS Build
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Marijuana Licensing Attorneys

Creating a Game Plan

Planning and strategizing a website is the bulk of our work. Measure once, cut twice!

Our game plan for this project involved understanding what MLA needed now, what they wanted for the future of their site, and most importantly, why. Defining the "why" behind the project helped us find the north star and gave MLA proper guidance on getting there. This insight also enabled us to not only create a website that looks good but functions with ease.

Like most of our clients, MLA also wanted a website that's easy to maintain without hiring a web developer for every minor update. We used Webflow for their site, making site management quick and easy.

Design and building

MLA had a tight budget for this project, so we used a Webflow template to expedite the design and building process. For clients that cannot afford a tailored site, we utilize the many available templates Webflow offers. While templates are not ideal, they can save time and money for some of our clients. They're not a perfect solution, but they get the job done and establish an excellent foundation for the site.

After a couple of meetings reviewing the site, we launched it and moved on to training. As we do with all of our clients, we provided MLA with training on using the Webflow platform and how to make updates to the content easily. 

Marijuana Licensing Attorneys