St. Lazarus Serbian Orthodox Cathedral "Ravanica"

A custom website

St. Lazarus Serbian Orthodox Cathedral "Ravanica" is an organization based in Detroit. The Smart Rabbit team jumped in to help turn their website into a community-focused platform that serves as a resource for keeping its members connected.

What We Did
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Web Design, CMS Build
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St. Lazarus Serbian Orthodox Cathedral "Ravanica"

Looping in all stakeholders

This project relied heavily on communication and planning. "Ravanica" has multiple departments, clubs, and groups within the church, thus making our discovery and strategy work far more impactful toward the end product. We needed to make sure all stakeholders within the church were a part of the strategy process for the website.

Through our work, we were able to identify how to organize the website, what each group within the church needed the website to do, and plan a content management system (CMS) that fits the needs of the whole church. 

Satisfying the needs of many

Based on our discovery and strategy conversations, it became clear we needed to make it possible for any church member to go into the website and make changes with ease. Each group within the church operates its events and campaigns, so groups need control over their pages.

Making a website easily accessible on the backend isn't tricky. However, making sure we understood the website's needs took a lot of planning and communication across teams. 

Once we nailed down the needs of the many, designing didn't take long. We were able to develop a design that focused on the business needs and the users' goals around using the site.

St. Lazarus Serbian Orthodox Cathedral "Ravanica"